Stuffed Petal Applique 1940

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ca 1940. 85x108. Peoria, Stark County, IL, USA. This beautiful extra large quilt is a unique piece of American History. American women worked at many department stores as quilt makers who sewed hand made quilts for them. Their names were often equated with high quality, giving these working American women professional status. Don't discount this quilt because it looks like it was sold commercially. We are lucky to have one of these still intact today from this cottage industry. It is very thick, lush, and almost all hand pieced as some of the border lengths are machine stitched. The subtle colors are aquamarine (faded in some areas), light pink and buff. Both sides are sateen, and the backing is buff-colored. The binding is added separately. The block pattern is one of a wreath of stuffed leaves, buds and petals. Alternate blocks are buff with quilted wreaths. The background is a square grid on point. There are five border strips. The quilting at 9 st/in is on either side of the seams in the pink and buff grids, giving it some puffiness. Of course the seams along the petals and leaves are also quilted. The outer two borders are quilted in double diagonal line, and the inner borders have simple leaves. This quilt is in excellent condition.

-Item is pictured on a modern size queen bed.