Mennonite Wool Nine Patch 1950

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ca 1950. 71 x 96. This is a very unusual quilt, made with a variety of fabrics, but with a strong sense of color and beauty. Everything is hand sewn, including the long ribbon on one edge next to the Velcro pieces. The border is made of 3x4.5 inch black blocks alternating with 3 x 2 inch red blocks. The nine patches vary but are mostly red and black with some black and white herringbone tweed and some mauve light and dark striped twill. The sashing is composed of the same fabrics but they are cut in diagonals. The black squares are wool crepe, and many of the reds are flannel. There is no batting. The backing is black challis and there is a knife-edge. The pieces are held together with long running stitches, not with tufts. The date for this piece is not confirmed but is our best estimated based on the style and patterns. There is velcro which was not used until after 1950, but it could have been added later in which case this quilt may be older. The back is dark with light stains. The condition is very good.

-Item is pictured on a modern size queen bed.