Log Cabin Barn Raising 1880

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Illinois, ca 1880. 72x81. There are so many colors in this quilt, it makes you blink. Each center is made of four patches of brown and light prints. The logs are arranged in alternating lights and dark browns and navies. Among the prints in the logs are conversation prints (such as tennis racquets), greens, madders, mourning prints, wickers of all colors, dots, stripes and plaids. The backing is muslin; the batting is medium heavy; the binding is the backing brought around to the front; there are strips of plaid on the top and bottom borders; and the logs are hand pieced. There is a signature on the back corner in black embroidery thread, " A. F." There is quilting all across the quilt, unusual for a log cabin. This is in double rows at 8st/in inch apart. This latter kind of quilting was normally done in the mid 19th century.

-Item is pictured on a modern size queen bed.