Floral Bouquet Applique, Herschner’s 1960

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1960. 62x90. One of our favorite pieces. Eight floral bouquets in a double row face the same direction. They are formed of pink and green calicos and, of course, are hand appliqued on a white field. There is a pink rectangular border around them, and then a 14-inch border outside of this on all sides. This border is covered with pink butterflies, and pink nosegays of three flowers are set in the corners. It has scalloped edges with pink binding. The backing is white; the batting is thin. The quilting is in diagonals at 9st/in except for the white blocks between the bouquets. These are filled with floral quilting. The scalloped border is followed with scalloped quilting.

-Item is pictured on a modern size queen bed.