Fancy or Jacquard Double Weave Coverlet 1825-1840

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No signature, but design is indicative of 1825-1840. 75x94. Such an elegant piece. It is very heavy, perhaps due to wool warp yarns. This pattern is called Frenchman's Fancy, or a variation thereof. The geometric figures around the major pattern lend stability to the work. The bottom border has lilies and a lozenge and tree motif with diagonal lines at the edge; the sides have distelfinks and two types of trees with four lines on the outer edge. I have not been able to find photos of a border where the lilies are turned upwards; all others have lilies turned down. There is no fringe on the sides, but double self-fringe is on the bottom. The top is folded over and sewn and this shows some wear. There is a streak of foxing on the lighter side and slight browning on the other.

-Item is pictured on a modern size queen bed.