Broken Start

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Fabrics and patterns indicate post-1925. 64x80. This is a very attractive star quilt with all the star points meeting correctly. The bluish-green color, and the pink and yellow at the tips have faded somewhat, but the other colors are good and strong. The quilt was machine pieced. There is an inner blue border surrounded by a white 5-inch border on two sides and white 12-inch border on the others. The outer border is composed of blue triangles giving the border a scalloped look. There is a knife-edge. The hand quilting is about 5-6 st/in in wreaths in the white squares and in sinuous ferns in white borders and around the main star. There is a slightly heavy batting with some batting shift, and a few small stains. Condition is very good.

-Item is pictured on a modern size queen bed.