Bars 1840-1860

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Mid 19th century. 92x95. Made in Pennsylvania, USA. The fabric and patterns of this beautiful piece indicate the mid 19th century timeframe. It is an extravagant quilt composed of three stripes (12 inches wide) of chintz fabric of gold roses and morning glories on a tan background. Alternate to these are 12- inch strip of green fabric with center stripes of red and tan. The border is a copper madder with vermiculite pattern, and the there is a knife binding. On the reverse side, there are bars of two madder prints, one floral and the other striped. A third bar is gray and tan striped. These bars alternate across the back. The quilt was machine pieced and, of course, hand quilted at 7-8 st/in. in diagonals and chevrons. Light signs of aging, but otherwise the condition is excellent.

-Item is pictured on a modern size queen bed.